What's open in downtown Mountain View right now? -- Tuesday at 7:25 pm

Restaurant Storefront

Closed now, but maybe open later

No idea about these. Please send updates.

Also, check out the big chart of what's open today and the map of open restaurants (using Google Maps).

3ta New Wave Fusion Restaurant & Bar

Webpage: http://www.3ta-thaifusion.com/
Phone: 650-988-1382
Address: 156 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Amanor Deli

Address: ??? Castro St. (map) (directions)

Amarin Thai Cuisine

Phone: 650-988-9323
Address: 174 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Amber Cafe

Webpage: http://www.amber-india.com/
Phone: 650-968-1751
Address: 600 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria

Webpage: http://www.amicis.com/location...
Phone: 650-961-6666
Address: 790 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Bangkok Spoon

Webpage: http://www.waiter.com/bangkok/
Address: 702 Villa St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.baskinrobbins.com/S...
Phone: 650-940-9831
Address: 1249 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)

Bean Scene Cafe

Phone: 650-903-4871
Address: 500 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Best Bite

Phone: 650-988-8895
Address: 1414 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)

Bodrum Cafe

Webpage: http://www.bodrum-mtv.com/
Phone: 650-396-7010
Address: 383 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Cafe Baklava

Address: 341 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Cafe Yulong

Address: 743 Dana St. (map) (directions)

The Cantankerous Fish

Webpage: http://www.thecantankerousfish...
Phone: 650-966-8124
Address: 420 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Casa Lupe

Phone: 650-965-2944
Address: 459 Castro St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.cascalrestaurant.co...
Phone: 650-940-9500
Address: 400 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Chef Liu

Phone: 650-938-2968
Address: 236 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Chez TJ

Webpage: http://www.cheztj.com/
Phone: 650-964-9647
Address: 938 Villa St. (map) (directions)

Clarke's Charcoal Broiler

Webpage: http://www.clarkes.com/clarkes...
Phone: 650-967-0851
Address: 615 W El Camino Real (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

New Mongolian Bar-B-Q

Address: 304 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Ristorante Bella Vita

Address: 300 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Ginseng Korean BBQ + Tofu

Address: 475 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Dana Street Roasting Co.

Address: 750 Dana St. (map) (directions)

Neto Caffe & Bakery

Webpage: http://www.netocaffe.com/
Phone: 650-625-9888
Address: 135 Castro St. (map) (directions)

El Calderon

Webpage: http://www.edesignsbysuze.com/...
Phone: 650-940-9533
Address: 699 Calderon Ave. (map) (directions)

El Paso Cafe

Address: 1407 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)

Fiesta Del Mar Too

Webpage: http://www.fiestadelmar.com/
Phone: 650-967-3525
Address: 735 Villa St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi Too!

Webpage: http://www.fjlmountainview.com...
Phone: 650-967-5384
Address: 939 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Fu Lam Mum Chinese Restaurant

Address: 153 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Garden Fresh

Phone: 960-961-7795
Address: 1245 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Gelato Classico

Address: 241-B Castro St. (map) (directions)

Gelay Gusto

Webpage: http://www.gelayogusto.com/
Phone: 650-938-1333
Address: 856 W. El Camino Real #A (map) (directions)

Gyro's House

Phone: 650-940-9316
Address: 212 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Hangen Szechuan Restaurant

Phone: 650-964-8881
Address: 134 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Hong Kong Bistro

Address: 147 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Hongkong Bakery

Phone: 650-969-3153
Address: 210 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Hunan Chili: Hunan & Shanghai Cuisine

Phone: 650-969-8968
Address: 102 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Naminami - Kappo Dining

Phone: 650-964-6990
Address: 240 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Kapp's Pizza Bar & Grill

Webpage: http://www.kappspizza.com/
Phone: 650-961-1491
Address: 191 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2


Webpage: http://www.orderkfc.com/
Address: 696 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)

King of Krung Siam

Phone: 650-960-7077
Address: 194 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2


Address: 485 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

La Fiesta

Phone: 650-968-1364
Address: 240 Villa St. (map) (directions)

La Bamba Restaurant

Phone: 650-965-4753
Address: 152 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Le Boulanger

Phone: 650-961-1787
Address: 650 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4

Le Petit Bistro

Webpage: http://www.lepetitbistro.biz/
Phone: 650-964-3321
Address: 1405 West El Camino Real (map) (directions)

Maru Ichi

Address: 368 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Mediterranean Grill House

Webpage: http://www.mediterraneangrillh...
Phone: 650-625-9990
Address: 650 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Molly MaGee's

Webpage: http://www.fibbars.com/mollys/
Phone: 650-961-0108
Address: 241 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Michael's at Shoreline

Webpage: http://www.michaelsatshoreline...
Phone: 650-962-1014
Address: 2960 Shoreline Blvd. (map) (directions)

Monte Carlo Restaurant

Phone: 650-988-1500
Address: 228 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Mountain View Bakery & Cafe

Address: 301 Castro St. (map) (directions)

New China Delight

Webpage: http://www.newchinadelight.com...
Phone: 650-961-6635
Address: 360 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1


Webpage: http://www.pastaq.com/
Phone: 650-938-4147
Address: 160 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Pho Hoa

Webpage: http://www.phohoa.com/
Phone: 650-969-5805
Address: 220 Castro St. (map) (directions)

The Posh Bagel

Webpage: http://www.theposhbagel.com/
Phone: 650-968-5308
Address: 444 Castro St. Suite 120 (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4

Pho To Chau

Phone: 650-961-8069
Address: 853 Villa St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Queen House Chinese Restaurant

Address: 273 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Red Rock Coffee Co.

Phone: 650-967-4473
Address: 201 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Ristorante Don Giovanni

Webpage: http://www.dongiovannis.com/
Phone: 650-961-9749
Address: 235 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Rose International Market

Phone: 650-960-1900
Address: 1060 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2


Phone: 650-965-8829
Address: 859 Villa St. (map) (directions)

Salt Water Taffy

Address: 705A W. Dana St. (map) (directions)

Shabuway Shabudo

Webpage: http://www.shabuway.com/
Phone: 650-961-8880
Address: 180 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Shanghai Taste Delight

Phone: 650-988-8820
Address: 855 W. El Camino Real (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.shivasrestaurant.co...
Phone: 650-960-3802
Address: 800 California St. #100 (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Sono Sushi

Webpage: http://www.sono-sushi.com/
Phone: 650-961-9086
Address: 357 Castro St. Suite 3A (map) (directions)

Spica Coffee & Tea

Address: 650 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Spice Islands Cafe

Phone: 650-961-0628
Address: 210 Hope St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

St. Stephens Green

Webpage: http://www.ststephensgreen.com...
Phone: 650-964-9151
Address: 223 Castro St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.starbucks.com/retai...
Phone: 650-564-9255
Address: 750 Castro St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.local.subway.com/Fr...
Phone: 650-969-3858
Address: 701-A W. Evelyn Ave. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Godavari (formerly: Sue's Indian Cuisine)

Webpage: http://suesindiancuisine.com/
Phone: 650-969-1112
Address: 216 Castro St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Sushi Tomi

Webpage: http://www.sushitomi.com/
Phone: 650-968-3227
Address: 635 W. Dana St. (map) (directions)

Tapioca Express

Webpage: http://www.tapiocaexpress.com/
Phone: 650-965-3093
Address: 740 Villa St. (map) (directions)

Taqueria Los Charros

Webpage: http://www.taquerialoscharros....
Phone: 650-969-1464
Address: 854 W Dana St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Sweet Corner

Address: 650 Castro St (map) (directions)

Tea Era

Address: 271 Castro St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.temptationsca.com/
Phone: 650-625-1234
Address: 288 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Tied House

Webpage: http://www.tiedhouse.com/locat...
Phone: 650-965-2739
Address: 954 Villa St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

TK: Tina's Kusina

Phone: 650-254-1788
Address: 698 W. Dana St. (map) (directions)

Totoro Korean Restaurant

Phone: 650-691-0796
Address: 841 Villa St. (map) (directions)
Menu image: page 1, page 2

Tsunami Sushi

Webpage: http://tsunamisushi.info/
Phone: 650-965-0114
Address: 209 Castro St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.uwink.com/restauran...
Phone: 650-965-8100
Address: 401 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Vasso Azurro

Webpage: http://www.vasoazzurro.com/
Phone: 650-940-1717
Address: 108 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Verde Tea Cafe

Address: 852 Villa St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.xanhrestaurant.com/
Phone: 650-964-1888
Address: 110 Castro St. (map) (directions)

Yakko Sushi

Phone: 650-960-0626
Address: 975 W Dana St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.zpizzamv.com/
Phone: 650-314-0088
Address: 146 Castro St. (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://zuccaristorante.com/
Phone: 650-864-9940
Address: 186 Castro St. (map) (directions)

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