What's open in Cupertino right now? -- Tuesday at 7:25 pm

Restaurant Storefront

Closed now, but maybe open later

No idea about these. Please send updates.

Also, check out the big chart of what's open today and the map of open restaurants (using Google Maps).


Webpage: http://www.7-eleven.com/storel...
Phone: 408-255-9515
Address: 10033 Saich Way (map) (directions)

Green Valley Liquors

Address: 10073 Saich Way (map) (directions)

Baja Fresh

Phone: 408-257-6141
Address: 20735 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Bombay Oven

Phone: 408-252-0520
Address: 20803 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-996-9131
Address: 20807 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Peet's Coffee

Phone: 408-213-1870
Address: 20807 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Pizza Hut (in Target)

Address: 20745 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Starbucks (in Target)

Webpage: http://www.starbucks.com/retai...
Address: 20745 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Address: 20745 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

TK Noodle

Phone: 408-257-9888
Address: 20735 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Panda Express

Phone: 408-517-0670
Address: 21000 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.starbucks.com/retai...
Phone: 408-517-0314
Address: 21000 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

J&J Hawaiian BBQ

Phone: 408-973-9168
Address: 20950 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Fontana's Italian Restaurant

Phone: 408-725-0188
Address: 20840 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Whole Foods

Phone: 408-257-7000
Address: 20830 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Pizza Hut

Phone: 408-252-3324
Address: 20770 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Marie Callender's

Phone: 408-255-2317
Address: 20750 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Lang's Cafe

Phone: 408-865-0282
Address: 20700 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Hong Fu

Phone: 408-252-2200
Address: 20588 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Pick Up Stix

Phone: 408-863-0418
Address: 20530 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Noah's Bagels

Phone: 408-257-0469
Address: 20520 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Webpage: http://www.starbucks.com/retai...
Phone: 408-973-8358
Address: 20520A Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

I <3 Yogurt

Phone: 408-725-0200
Address: 10133 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Sushi Kuni

Phone: 408-257-5864
Address: 10211 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Pebble's Cafe

Phone: 408-725-0299
Address: 10235 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Kumud Groceries

Phone: 408-996-2400
Address: 10255 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Florentine Restaurant

Phone: 408-253-6532
Address: 10275 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Taco Bell

Phone: 408-255-4536
Address: 10710 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Carl's Jr

Phone: 408-996-1377
Address: 1000 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Kitahana Japanese Restaurant

Phone: 408-996-0228
Address: 974 S De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Tapioca Express

Phone: 408-873-9018
Address: 10118 Bandley Dr (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-252-1797
Address: 10700 South De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Park Place Seafood Steaks & Spirits

Phone: 408-873-1000
Address: 10050 South De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-253-5544
Address: 10660 South De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-253-5057
Address: 10520 South De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-253-2668
Address: 10650 South De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Armadillo Willy's

Phone: 408-252-7427
Address: 10100 South De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Flames Coffee Shop

Phone: 408-996-2074
Address: 10630 South De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Marina Foods

Phone: 408-255-2468
Address: 10122 Bandley Dr (map) (directions)

Cafe Ophelia

Phone: 408-255-1099
Address: 10118 Bandley Dr (map) (directions)

Canton Delights

Phone: 408-777-9888
Address: 10125 Bandley Dr (map) (directions)

Tomokazu Sushi

Phone: 408-863-0168
Address: 20625 Alves Dr (map) (directions)

Badal (Tiger & Dragon Indian Fusion Cusine and Pub)

Webpage: http://www.tigeranddragon.us/
Phone: 408-245-7600
Address: 1625 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

Jimmi Restaurant (Korean)

Phone: 408-481-0709
Address: 1627 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

Bay Sushi

Phone: 408-735-1777
Address: 1647 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

Round Table Pizza

Phone: 408-245-5905
Address: 1663 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

Burrito Factory

Phone: 408-737-7791
Address: 1671 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

Golden Wok

Phone: 408-733-0877
Address: 1677 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

House of Bagels

Phone: 408-245-0311
Address: 1681 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-730-9694
Address: 1683 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-733-5762
Address: 1677 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

KFC / Taco Bell

Address: 1695 Hollenbeck Ave (map) (directions)

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Phone: 408-865-6970
Address: 10690 N De Anza Blvd (map) (directions)

Jamba Juice

Phone: 408-366-2582
Address: 21265 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-255-6010
Address: 21267 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Coffee Society

Phone: 408-996-2105
Address: 21265 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Royal Tofu House

Phone: 408-973-8944
Address: 21271 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Phone: 408-517-0475
Address: 21267 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Coldstone Creamery

Phone: 408-255-6161
Address: 21267 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

BZ Cafe

Webpage: http://www.bz-cafe.com/
Phone: 408-873-8950
Address: 21682 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Gumba's Italian Restaurant

Phone: 408-255-2423
Address: 21678 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Lucy's Cafe

Phone: 408-446-1469
Address: 21670 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Lee's Sandwiches

Address: 20363 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Cafe Torre

Address: 20343 Stephens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Macau Gourmet/House of Sichuan

Address: 20007 Stephens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Address: 19959 Stephens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Verde Tea Cafe

Address: 19929 Stephens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl

Address: 19825 Stephens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Imahara Fresh Produce

Address: 19725 Stephens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

L'Epi d'Or

Address: 19675 Stephens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Azuma Japanese Cuisine

House Of Falafel

Erik's DeliCafe

Address: 19652 Steven's Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Olarn Thai Cuisine

Address: 19672 Steven's Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

J T McHart's Pizza

Address: 19732 Steven's Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Lollicup Juice & Tea

Address: 19744 Steven's Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Potsticker King

Address: 19634 Steven's Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Wahoo's Fish Tacos

It's a Grind Coffee

Elephant Bar Restaurant

Ramen Rama

Red Miso

La Patisserie

Address: 19758 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Za Zang

Address: 20010 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

M & M Food Market

Address: 10021 S Blaney (map) (directions)

Golden Apple Seafood Buffet Restaurant

Address: 20030 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)


Address: 20060 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Le Boulanger

Phone: 408-446-5151
Address: 20488 Stevens Creek Blvd (map) (directions)

Armadillo Willy's

Address: 10100 DeAnza Blvd (map) (directions)

Park Place Restaurant

Address: 10030 DeAnza Blvd (map) (directions)

Fantasia Coffee & Tea

Joy Luck Place

Aji Ichiban

A & J Restaurant

Break Time

Southland Taste Restaurant

Duke of Edinburgh

HC Dumpling

Porridge Place

Ten Ren's Tea

Royal Steak House

Chung Chou City

Sheng Kee


Pho Superbowl

Korea Tofu House

Phone: 408-973-9974
Address: 10885 N Wolfe Rd (map) (directions)

99 Ranch Market

Phone: 408-343-3699
Address: 10983 N Wolfe Rd (map) (directions)

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